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Install Alarm Connect to your existing home alarm system and use our app to control and monitor your home security from anywhere for a monthly subscription.

Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town Only

Smart Home Security

Alarm Connect is smart security

Alarm Connect can be installed on most standard alarm systems in South Africa, and lets you take remote control of your home security from an app on your phone with a monthly subscription.

For just R165.00* per quarter, you can bypass zones, monitor your home security and activate or disarm your alarm from anywhere, as well as get real-time emergency notifications when you need them most!

*R55.00 per month on a minimum three-month subscription – discounts available for longer subscription periods.

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How Alarm Connect Works

Alarm Connect is installed onto your existing home security system by an accredited Alarm Connect technician.
Installation takes about 30 minutes and doesn't impact how you already use your home alarm - remote controls, keypads, etc.

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Download the app, verify your cell number and link Alarm Connect to your account.


Take Control

Take control of your home security system from your phone.

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Alarm Connect is compatible with these alarm panels


Paradox Spectre Series

  • SP65
  • SP4000
  • SP5500
  • SP6000
  • SP7000

Paradox Magellan Series
  • MG5000
  • MG5050

Paradox Evo Series
  • EVO192
  • EVO48

Paradox Digiplex Series
  • DGP-848


  • PC1864
  • PC1832
  • PC1808
  • PC1616
  • PC5005 (Power8)
  • PC5015 (Power832)
  • PC5010 (Power832)
  • PC5020 (Power864)
  • PC1555 (Power632)


IDS X-Series

  • X8s
  • X16
  • X64

IDS 800
  • 805


Not sure if your alarm panel is compatible?

Drop our product-support team an email with your details and we'll help you figure it out: support@sensornetworks.co.za


Our Installers

This deal is currently only available in the Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town areas.

We'll be expanding nationwide soon!

Most of the greater Cape Town area (up to Stellenbosch), including the Cape Peninsula.

Most of Gauteng, centred on Johannesburg and Pretoria, including the West Rand, East Rand and Vaal areas.

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Alarm Connect takes about 30-45 minutes to install, depending on the current state of your home alarm system.

Only an accredited Alarm Connect technician can install the device on your home alarm system. This is because only accredited Alarm Connect technicians have had the necessary training, and access to reference materials and technical support if needed.

Only specific home alarm systems are compatible with Alarm Connect. Check the list of compatible home alarm systems above. If you're unsure about which home alarm system you have, contact our product support team for assistance via support@sensornetworks.co.za.

Your alarm panel will act exactly as it did before installation of Alarm Connect. Your home alarm keypads and remotes should all continue to behave as they did before Alarm Connect was installed, provided your home alarm system is connected to a working battery. The Alarm Connect device may lose connection to the GSM cellphone network, however, depending on the cellphone towers in your area. This normally reconnects once the power outage in your area is resolved.

The Alarm Connect device will be unable to report on the current status of your home alarm system and will show as 'Not Connected' in the app. This may be due to a cellphone tower failure in your area, possibly due to load shedding. Your home alarm system should continue to operate as it did before Alarm Connect was installed (using keypads and remotes). Should your device not reconnect within 24 hours, contact our product-support team for assistance via support@sensornetworks.co.za.

Yes! Alarm Connect is a device that connects to your existing home alarm system and gives you access to it from your mobile phone. It allows you to arm or disarm your home alarm system, as well as bypass zones and trigger emergencies.

No. Alarm Connect is a device that connects to your existing home alarm system and gives you access to it from your mobile phone. This provides you with key information when you need it most. Alarm Connect should only be used in conjunction with an existing/active armed-response subscription.

Alarm Connect reports the emergency in real-time via an app notification, but it does not replace your existing/active armed-response subscription. Note that Sensor Networks does not provide armed-response or emergency support, so you should contact your armed-response provider for more information on what happens when an emergency is triggered.


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